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Good Afternoon,

I wanted to make you aware of a current employment opportunity at the RTI call center located off of Capital BLVD. Raleigh NC. RTI is a non-profit organization and would need you to make outbound calls for various social science surveys.  The particular project we are looking to staff would run from February 1st - February 28th.  Upon the end of your contract we evaluate your performance and attendance to determine if you will be placed on another project.  We do try to keep as many employees internally as we can as oppose to constantly bringing in new candidates.  We are currently looking for individuals who are bilingual or multilingual.  You must be able to speak one of the following languages fluently plus English:
The pay for this position is 18$ an hour.  Currently we are looking to staff any of the following shifts Monday through Friday everyday:
10:00 am-6:00pm
11:00am-7:00 pm
1:00pm-9:00 pm
(any additional schedules can be discussed if absolutely needed.)  The call center is located off of Capital Blvd. Raleigh NC 27616.  If this is an opportunity you are interested in please contact me by email at dallas@greeneresources.com  or call me at 919-926-6551.  You will need to email me your current resume and indicate the language and shift that best suits you. 

Telephone Survey Interviewer Job Description:
A Telephone Survey Interviewer I is expected to conduct a variety of interviews to obtain valid social science research data. As such, s/he should have excellent communications and interpersonal skills, so that s/he can gain cooperation from reluctant survey participants and work in a closely supervised environment. S/he must also be detail-oriented and follow procedures and guidelines successfully while performing tasks on-site with our client.

Examples of Duties / Work Performed

1.       Interview assigned survey participants by telephone for a variety of projects

2.       Ask survey questions verbatim from the project survey and/or questions based on an outline

3.       Record responses accurately

4.       Document problems that occur during interviews, such as individuals refusing to answer certain questions or to participate in the survey, as well computer-assisted telephone instrument problems

5.       Attend and participate in training sessions for assigned surveys and studies

6.       Attempt to convert subjects who have previously refused to participate in a particular survey

7.       Maintain an acceptable attendance record where 90% of the telephone interviewer's scheduled work hours are yielded each month

8.       Maintain the social science telephone researcher's minimum quality standards for telephone data collections

9.       Adhere to the company policies and procedures of the Call Center facility

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

1.       Effective telephone interviewing & etiquette skills

2.       Effective interpersonal skills and verbal communication skills

3.       The ability to establish and maintain working relationships with supervisors and co-workers,

4.       The ability to interact comfortably with a variety of people

5.       The ability to work comfortably on a computer and perform data entry tasks while speaking on the phone

6.       The ability to type at least 25 words per minute on a standard computer keyboard

Thankyou and I wish you success in your job search.

Dallas Dimarco
HR Coordinator
5265 Capital Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27616

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