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Русская Северная Каролина

Vadim Kolpakov and VIA ROMEN

Автор Te:ma, 9 Янв. 2008 10:30

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Russian Gypsy Ensemble

Vadim Kolpakov and VIA ROMEN

- in concert

Saturday, 2/23/08, 8pm
Beth Meyer Synagogue
504 Newton Rd, Raleigh NC, 27615

Admission cost: $15

Recognized as one of North America's premier Roma (Gypsy) ensembles, VIA Romen enchants
audiences with fiery performances of Old World Roma music, song and dance, and time
honored Jewish Klezmer tunes. Led by the Russian Roma 7-string guitar virtuoso Vadim
Kolpakov, the group draws their music from a vast repertoire originating in Russia, Hungary,
the Czech Republic, and France. The New York Times acclaimed Vadim's virtuoso guitar
playing. He has toured extensively in the US and Europe.

Who are the Roma?

The Roma, known around the world as Gypsies, though Roma is the correct reference,
struggle everyday against the stereotypes created by myth, legend, rumors and stories and
have persevered over a thousand years of persecution and discrimination. Melodies and
dances, handed down from generation to generation, reflect the very heart and soul of a
people who have a great love of life and art. Every performance mirrors the zeal and devotion
they feel about their craft and must be experienced to be truly understood. We invite you to
join us now and discover what passion and heart we bring to our performances and to our

Read more: VIA Romen Concert information Viaromen.com

VIA Romen

Vadim Kolpakov Romani seven-string guitar, Russian Roma dance, and vocals

Petra Gelbart accordion, vocals, and dancer

Arcady Gips violin

Oleg Timofeyev seven string guitar

Alex Gorodezky six-string guitar

This concert made possible by generous support of Beth Meyer Synagogue of Raleigh
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