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Paramount's Carowinds in Charlotte

Автор NEO, 16 Май 2005 11:59

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Там же устраивают Scarowinds под Halloween.  В темноте пугают криками, дымом, из кустов выпрыгивают с бензопилами.  Можно испугаться если настроится на это дело.  Хотя по-мойму сделано все так, чтоб до смерти не пугать людей, особенно детей.  
Rides в темноте интересно, но лично мне не так захватывающе как днем, когда все видно.  

ЦитироватьEvery fall, the season of the ghost arrives, and it's time to get into the spooky spirit at Scarowinds. A host (or should we say, ghost?) of haunted attractions are featured here, custom-made to infuse you with giddy fear. The Carnival of Terror features an old-fashioned fair with a freaky twist: The games are gruesome, the food is rotting, and the clowns are out to get you. Or how about a visit to Nightmare Manor? Surly spirits haunt this eerie abode; make your way through each dismal room as the moans of the undead surround you. And what does your heavily hooded host have up his sleeve? Hop on board Elvira's heart-stopping virtual thrill ride; the famed Mistress of the Dark guides you on your way to more thrills and chills. The Toxic Trap features a rotting, oozing sludge that threatens to ensnare you -- for life. Finally, the 3-D creature cinema experience takes you right into the scene of a brutal alien invasion. As you travel into the pit of their terrifying world, one question might be running through your mind: Will you ever escape?

Tip: Parents, use discretion when bringing your little ones along for this frightful fun, or your smallest children may be cursed with nightmares.

Note: Costumes are not permitted.

http://scarowinds.com/ - не работает вне сезона (только осенью).