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Biodegradable trash bags take care of your home

Автор bagwholesaler, 14 Июль 2022 03:16

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Trash bags as people's life indispensable supplies. With the progress of science and technology, biodegradable trash bags have emerged, which solves the problem that traditional trash bags are not degradable and pollute the environment. It is made of starch and biodegradable bio-based materials, with the advantages of biodegradation, environmental protection and energy saving.When people enjoy the convenience brought by plastic, they are also bearing the harm of "white pollution" to the ecological environment and human health.tea cups wholesale As the main raw materials of non-degradable plastic bags are polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, they are widely used because of their advantages of low cost, extremely light weight, large capacity and convenient storage. However, the degradation cycle of plastic bags is extremely long, requiring decades or hundreds of years to degrade, or basically non-degradable. Even if degraded, it will cause soil compaction and other conditions, and even enter the human body through the food chain.

According to the study, if one plastic bag pollutes 0.06 square meters of land, if one person throws away one bag randomly on average every day, a city of one million people will throw away one million plastic bags a day, which will cause about 60,000 square meters of land pollution every day.ice cream cups wholesale A plastic bag you throw away could also be a problem for animals in the ocean.According to statistics, the world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, but only about 9% of it is recycled. The remaining 91% either ends up in the soil or ends up in the ocean.Biodegradable trash bags break down in 180 days.

To solve the problem of plastic pollution, we need to start from the source of production and find non-biodegradable raw materials. bamboo pulp plate wholesale Hyde is concerned with environmental issues and actively offers products made from biodegradable bio-based materials. These bio-based materials are produced from PBAT (polyterephthalate-adipate-butanediol, a biodegradable material synthesized from petrochemical raw materials) and PLA (polylactic acid, a biodegradable material produced by fermentation of corn into lactic acid and repolymerization), as well as starch.The material has passed the standard specification test of compostable plastics and fully meets the standard of full biodegradation.12oz ripple wall paper cups The test results prove that the biodegradable trash bag is buried in the soil after use, or compost in the microbial environment within 6 months, to achieve 100% degradation into carbon dioxide and water, become organic fertilizer, return to nature, care for the earth.
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The advantages of biodegradable trash bags
Many black trash bags have a pungent taste, poor endurance, sealing. This is actually because a lot of recycled materials are added to the process, and common black trash bags also use inferior materials. As raw materials for recycling and reprocessing, recycled materials do have certain environmental protection functions, but the greater significance for manufacturers is the low cost.
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Innovation and development of multi-color degradable trash bags, different colors represent different types of trash recycling, while providing customers with a variety of design layout, can be customized according to customer requirements, better performance of the company's corporate image.
It can be completely decomposed
Environmental protection, complete decomposition is the biggest feature of the product. In one to two years, degradable trash bags can be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter by photooxidation and environmental microbial action, which will not produce harmful substances to the environment and is very beneficial to environmental protection.8oz ripple wall paper cups Hyde company actively comply with the trend of green development, accelerate the implementation of technical transformation, keep up with the market demand, advanced environmental protection technology research and development and product production capacity.custom printed compostable cups Actively establish green factories, green supply chain management and green design product demonstration, and promote the popularization and application of biodegradable trash bags.