Требуется ресепшионист/секретарь в медицинский офис.

Автор Zaika, 3 Март 2006 21:57

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Location:  New Bern, NC. Fluent English and perfect knowledge of computer, capability of learning new things fast and medical billing/clerical experience required.
Contact: MSN Messenger lerkavalerka@firstnotebook.com. Please send resume to e-mail  lerkavalerka@mail.ru, if interested.


А где конкретно в Нью Берне офис находится? Можно адрес поточнее? Если недалеко от моего дома - я бы пошла, а то мне ездить пока не на чем далеко. Требованиям вашим более чем соответствую.


To walk - that medical plaza is far away from any residental property. Location Wellons Blvd (intersection highway 17 and McCarthy Blvd). Managment would prefer to hire person with driver license and personal car (to buy office supplies, pick up patients' charts from another medical office, go to post office, etc.). And walk home during winter time after 5 p.m. is not safe. Do you have friend/family member to pick you up/drop you off? Please send resume and business references (work experience in USA) to the e-mail address lerkavalerka@mail.ru.